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Sean Lawton – ‘Contemplation’

‘Contemplation’ is the latest single from Crewe native, Sean Lawton. It is a song that is filled with integrity and heart. We are so excited to be able to introduce this exciting new artist to you!

This superb single opens to the sound of dueting guitars, swiftly followed by Lawton’s emotion-filled vocals. The stripped-back instrumentation continues throughout and gives the song room to shine in the form it was composed.

We feel that Lawton’s vocals are the shining star of the piece. They dictate the pace and add magic to the proceedings. Filled with a rich warmth and incredible depth, the vocals grow as the song evolves. Hitting their peak in the chorus, the texture and colour they create are exquisite. The guitars carry their own melodies that compliment the vocals thoroughly. The memorable guitar riff from the opening returns after each chorus and feels like an old friend coming home. 

We adored the vulnerable honesty in the lyrics which give the listener a glimpse into a moment in time of Lawton’s journey. Lyrically, ‘Contemplation’ has a sadness to it. Brutally honest, it endears Lawton to the listener and the relate-ability in the lyrics is what sets this single apart from the crowd. Released officially on 10th January 2020, ‘Contemplation’ is a superb single to kick off a new decade for Lawton.

At just 16 years of age, Lawton is at the very beginning of a career that we feel will be long and fulfilling. His talent and abilities shine through on ‘Contemplation’. Raw in places, he shows great promise and skill, and we can not wait to see what this exciting artist will do next. 

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