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Shadi G – ‘Mind’

‘Mind’ is the atmospheric latest single by RnB artist Shadi G. It is a warming and catchy song that stays with the listener long after the music has finished.

A syncopated drum pattern opens the single, and the scene is set. Shadi G’s dreamy vocals enter, and the song is carried along by them. A keys riff becomes an active component and repeats. The melody is infectious and warming with an attitude edge to the lyrics.

We adored the arrangement of the song, just past the halfway point of the track, the drums fall away and layered, and luscious vocals take over. We are expecting the drums to return but they do not and the soulful vocals carry the song to its docking destination.

Shadi G has her own unique style. She is unparalleled to anything we have heard, and this is a big part of her charm. She is reinventing the RnB genre with ‘Mind’. She has Persian roots and currently resides in Sweden. Having studied classical music from an early age, she went on to study in London. She grew up surrounded by music such as jazz, RnB, soul, hip hop and Persian music; all of these different elements are built into her character and come through in her music.

Released on Shadi G’s own independent label, Goldamin Records, she is the master of her craft. She wrote and produced ‘Mind’ herself and has created a warm, hazy and seductive piece of art.

The 22nd of November was the official release date for ‘Mind’. We are so pleased to have been introduced to this talented artist and not wait to follow her progress in the future. Add it to your weekend playlist, and check out ‘Mind’ today!

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