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Sheryl Crow at Glastonbury 2019 has been a long wait for me. Since falling in love with her sound in 1997 after seeing her perform ‘My Favourite Mistake’ on Top of the Pops, I have watched with eager anticipation for each release, single, album or collaboration.

In 26 years I have lived through (what I like to call) the bible albums: ‘Tuesday Night Music Club’, ‘Sheryl Crow’ and ‘The Globe Sessions’ and the enjoyable subsequent releases. I am so happy to report, Crow at Glastonbury did not disappoint.

The set blazed open with a string of classic Crow songs, ‘If it makes you Happy’, ‘A Change Would Do You Good’, ‘All I Wanna Do’ ‘My Favourite Mistake’ and ‘Can’t Cry Anymore’ being the first 5. These were followed by new tracks and yet more classics. Crow was at ease wandering into the Glastonbury crowd to take selfies and connect with fans. Her sound is as strong and vibrant as it ever was and you could see the enjoyment she still gets from performing live.

It would be easy to call Crow simply a singer, but she is much more than that. The Glastonbury 2019 set alone saw her shifting from guitars to solo vocals to keys, to entertaining the crowd seamlessly. Crow is an artist who is using her significant platform for good in the world. She spoke about the need to fight for Climate change and a need for a change in America right now. Amen.

She thundered through her hefty back catalogue of hits with grace and ease.  The sheer magnitude of her work to date leaves many current artists in the shadows and as we heard hit after hit, the divide between this icon and the current flash in the pan artists became apparent.

Of course, this is not the first time Crow has performed at Glastonbury, 12 years ago was the last appearance. Since then, she has raised 2 sons, battled her own health problems and recorded a new set of albums. Her latest 17 track album, ‘Threads’ is due for release on 30th August 2019. We await with great anticipation.

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