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SHYAWAY – ‘Smile For The Camera’

SHYAWAY is a superb artist hailing from Brighton. His latest single ‘Smile For The Camera’ is an indie-pop classic in the making!

A gorgeous piano opens the release before a full band sound kicks in. We love the layered instrumentation which creates the solid foundation for the vocals to spring from. 

SHYAWAY’s voice is filled with a rich texture and warmth. He instantly takes control of the piece and demands the listener’s attention. Lyrically, ‘Smile For The Camera’ is relatable, and the infectious chorus melody will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. ‘Smile For The Camera’ is just 2:09 in length, but it packs a big punch in that time!

SHYAWAY says about the release, “Some have made millions by shaping vanity into some warped kind of art form, and the rest of us want to emulate it. However, when people believe our social media bullsh*t and those likes, comments and followers come rolling in, we start to believe it ourselves.” He continues, “Either that or we just do what Kim Kardashian does; shake our ass for the masses and smile for the camera.” Deeply relatable SHYAWAY is onto a winner with this release.


SHYAWAY (AKA Adam Macaulay) is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Previously of the band Swoon, SHYAWAY is an artist who is continually pushing forward and making waves. ‘Smile For The Camera’ is no exception.

So make sure that you add ‘Smile For The Camera’ to your weekday playlist this week. SHYAWAY is a formidable artist who is making music that needs to be heard, and we are excited to hear what he will do next. Until then, ‘Smile For The Camera’ is available from the link below, enjoy!

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