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Sicily Jordan

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Sicily Jordan – ‘Gloriana’

Hailing from Orinda, musician Sicily Jordan has released the excellent single ‘Gloriana’ in October 2020. It is an Americana single with a big heart.

A gorgeous double-tracked acoustic guitar opens the release. It is underpinned by stripped-back percussion, and this lays the solid foundation for Sicily Jordan’s gorgeous vocals to breakthrough. 

As the full band drops, the beautiful harmonies kick in, and the track is in full flow. The chorus to ‘Gloriana’ is catchy and memorable and will have the listener singing along in no time.

In addition, we adore the Accapella chorus, which is thoroughly compelling, and we love the rise and fall in the instrumentation. It creates texture within the piece. It is a stunningly beautiful arrangement of a wonderful song. 

Sicily Jordan says, “We all have a story to tell, and it’s a story we all share.” This comes through on ‘Gloriana’. Jordan does have a story to tell, and it is one she is eloquently and intelligently sharing with the world. ‘Gloriana’ is relatable, and this will compel the listener to Sicily Jordan.

‘Gloriana’ is a single that speaks to the heart and is filled with emotion. Jordan shares part of herself with the listener, and this intimate experience is genuine and heartfelt.


One thing is for sure, Sicily Jordan is onto a hit with ‘Gloriana’. It is a release that will stand the test of time, and we are sure that it will please existing Sicily Jordan fans, while simultaneously winning her an army of new ones too. 

So make sure that ‘Gloriana’ gets added to your weekend playlist. We are sure we will be hearing more from Sicily Jordan in the future. She is an artist who is here to stay. 

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