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Skandra – ‘Rivers’

Hailing from Los Angeles, Skandra is an electronic-pop artist who has released the magnificent single ‘Rivers’, in August 2020.

‘Rivers’ is enticing from the get-go. The beat drops and the single is in full flow. Skandra’s wonderful vocals are filled with heart and soul. Lyrically, she effortlessly connects with her audience. Also, the big and driving chorus is filled with texture and balance.

We love the imposing synths which inject their unique colour into the piece. There is a wonderful groove to ‘Rivers’ that will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. In addition, we have added ‘Rivers’ to our FV Music Blog Spotify playlist. Listen here.

Travis Warner (Frith) has produced this superb single. Also, it has been mixed by Mike Schuppan (M83, Paramore, Jimmy Eatworld) and mastered by David Cooley (Tame Impala, Dr. Dog, Metric). Together the team have done an excellent job in creating a single that will stand the test of time. 


Skandra says about the release, “This song is a story we have each possibly lived inside. But it’s not one you easily wish to remember.” She continues, “It is a toxic setting wherein who you love is shrinking you down to size, and somehow you’re not able to break away. The very muse you draw so much from is the same one that hurts you even while you sleep.”

Impressively, upon its release, ‘Rivers’ went viral on TikTok and has amassed over 1 million plays on Spotify within three days of its release! Skandra is a musician who is making waves, and we can see why!

So make sure to add ‘Rivers’ to your weekend playlist. Skandra is a fresh and exciting musician who is destined for big things in the 2020s. 

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