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Smitha – ‘Belong’ EP

South London based singer/songwriter Smitha, has released her beautiful latest EP, ‘Belong’ today! 

The five-track release opens with the title track ‘Belong’. It is filled with a soulful vocal performance, complete with an addictive hook, varied instrumentation and compelling groove. We adored ‘My Own Way’, it has a hard-hitting opening, the instrumentation slowly builds, and the vocal performance is again, stunning.

‘Greedy Love’ is another standout song. The main melody is smooth, and it is filled with infectious and gorgeous grooves. Smitha is an artist with something to say. She is using her significant platform to voice her opinions, and we salute her for it. 

Smitha states, “It was a cathartic experience, writing about, grief, love, and pain. ‘Belong’ the first single release took on a wider meaning after the referendum.” Smitha purposefully made her music video amongst the varying landscapes in London, with two incredible dancers to represent its beautiful diversity. 

This wonderful musician began performing at open mic nights around London, with just her soulful voice and her guitar. This lead to festival performances and eventually a gig to an audience of 10,000 in 2017 on the main stage at Jimmy’s Farm Festival. 

Smitha has also co-written and sung the theme tune ‘Running Free’ for the independent feature film ‘Adventure Boyz’ by award-winning film director Howard J Ford. The film was screened at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and will be released firstly across America on 21st February 2020.

‘Belong’ is a spellbinding EP that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. Today is the official release day, so make sure you add ‘Belong’ to your weekend playlist!


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Twitter: @SmithaMusic

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