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Sonny Elliot – ‘New Moon’

‘New Moon’ is the superb latest single by Sonny Elliot. Released officially yesterday (25th March 2020); it is a spellbinding song filled with a laid back vibe that lets the beautiful composition shine.

A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar opens the single. This is swiftly followed by layered vocals coming from each side of the sonic spectrum. The breathy vocals give character to the piece. We adored the stripped back instrumentation which lets the luscious lyrics and melodies shine. The middle eight hears deeper reverb and added instrumentation adding new dimensions to the piece before the original guitar retakes the centre stage. 

Sonny Elliot says, “Our latest single, ​’New Moon’​ is a love letter with a real sense of togetherness and being there for each other through the dark and difficult times in life,” They continue, “It’s a story and a memory of a relationship. When we’re anxious, scared and feeling vulnerable, it’s not easy to let someone see that side of you, letting them see behind the veil. Yet somehow by doing this, it makes us stronger, having someone else’s light to guide us with their best intentions, a team, a partnership, love.”

Sonny Elliot are comprised of duo Chris Peden (Vocals and Acoustic Guitar) and Joseph Peden (Electric Guitar and Keyboards). The song was self produced by the duo, and they have done an excellent job. They say, “We recorded ‘New Moon’ within a day of writing it in our DIY home studio, which we love because it feels very organic and personal for us.”

We thoroughly recommend adding ‘New Moon’ to your weekend playlist. It is an addictive listen, and we can not wait to see what Sonny Elliot will do next. 

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