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Sonomaris – ‘Initium’

Sonomaris are releasing the excellent album ‘Initium’ on 21st February 2020, and we have been lucky enough to hear it ahead of its official release. 

‘Skeletons’ opens the release with bass and drums, setting the scene as to what is to come. The vocals are charming with the unsettling bass rumbling in the background. The heavier vocals establish the Rock genre and the guitars breathe fresh textures into the piece. We also enjoyed ‘Pepper’. It feels like a track which links the songs together. There are disconcerting sounds to be heard such as a hovering helicopter and sirens marching through. ‘Undone’ is over 7 minutes in length, and from a chaotic opening, a rich and diverse song emerges. 

Sonomaris explores powerful topics including codependency, mass hysteria, being different and reemergence during ‘Initium’. Tracks such as ‘Skeletons’, ‘The Fallen’, and ‘Million’ hit the listener hard. They all have uncertainty to them; the listener is not sure which direction the tracks will take, and this is what keeps the songs feeling exciting and fresh. 

Comprised of members, Jerry Gonzalez – vocals, Tyrone Thompson – guitar, Rick Trigueros – drums, and Rick Zaccaro – bass, these excellent musicians know how to execute an outstanding album. They know each other’s playing inside out, and they know when to leave space in the tracks and when to build up the intensity. 

‘Initium’ follows on the heels of the band’s highly successful self-titled debut EP. You are in for a treat when this album is available to buy, download and stream in February. So make sure you look out for ‘Initium’ on release day, you will not be disappointed!

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