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Kelly Fitzgerald, Jonah Philibert, Rick Wilcoxen
Kelly Fitzgerald, Jonah Philibert, Rick Wilcoxen

Space Cowboy Newt – ‘The Mild West’

Hailing from Massachusetts, Space Cowboy Newt (AKA Emma Newton) is a brilliant musician and producer. Her latest EP, ‘The Mild West’ is an indie-pop classic in the making.

‘Olivetree’ opens the release, and it is instantly enticing from the get-go. We adore the soulful vocals and compelling lyrics. ‘Goodnight Dandelion’ features layered instrumentation with unexpected chordal progressions and sumptuous layered vocals.

In addition, ‘Looking Down at the Earth’ has a dream-like production that fills the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. As the beat drops, the audience is entirely compelled.

Finally, ‘I’m Still Not Blooming’ closes the release with a gentle, honest and hard-hitting track that reaches out and touches the listener. We adore the breathy vocal performance, which takes the reins of the song.


‘The Mild West’ has been recorded at The Record Company in Boston, MA. We adore the production and mastering of the EP, and it is a release that sets Space Cowboy Newt as an artist to watch in 2022.


Space Cowboy Newt says about this superb release, “‘The Mild West’ is a merging of the terrestrial and the cosmic, featuring botanical imagery to describe, cope with, and move on from past sadness.”

Guitars at zZounds


Space Cowboy Newt cites her influences as coming from artists such as Salami Rose Joe Louis, Alice Phoebe Lou, Beach House, Mac Demarco, and Mild High Club. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘The Mild West’ but make no mistake; Space Cowboy Newt makes music all of her own.


So make sure you add ‘The Mild West’ to your new music playlist this weekend. Space Cowboy Newt is a leading light in her genre, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next!

‘The Mild West’ is available to stream from the link below; enjoy!

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Keyboards at zZounds

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