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SPIRITBOX, are a superb band hailing from The Netherlands. Their latest single, ‘We Skinned a Ghost (For Pleasure),’ is a dark and brooding single with a menacing edge to it.

Released officially on 30th October 2019, it is the perfect fit for a Halloween release. From a dark and haunting opening, an electric guitar emerges. The vocals soon join, and they remind us of Nick Cave in places. We adored the bass and drums that are driving and evocative throughout. Guitars filled with distortion dance around the piece adding texture and colour to a well-arranged song.

We want to give a special mention to the guitar solo, which embodies emotion and passion in its performance. All of the instrumentation works tirelessly; they have endless energy and dedication to delivering a memorable song.

Hailing from Breda, The Netherlands, SPIRITBOX are comprised of band members; Nick van Eekelen – Guitar, Ruben Schimmel – Guitar/Backings, Hans Meertens – Vocals/Keys/Guitar, Tom Damen – Drums/Percussion, and Jasper Janssens – Bass/Backings. Separately they are excellent musicians in their own right, but together, they create a simply stunning sound. ‘We Skinned a Ghost (For Pleasure)’ is a prime example of this. Also, this single is accompanied by another Halloween themed release, both ‘We Skinned a Ghost (For Pleasure),’ and ‘Haunted Man’ are available from 30th October!

We were so excited to see SPIRITBOX have been commissioned by the Cultural Heritage Platform of the province of Noord-Brabant to compose and record a song inspired by the region’s cultural history. This track, along with a self-produced animated music video, will be released and broadcasted in December 2019. We can not wait to see the fruits of this project. Judging by the strength of ‘We Skinned a Ghost (For Pleasure),’ it will be worth the wait!

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