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FV MUSIC BLOG - Spirits Republic - 'City Lights' Single Review
FV MUSIC BLOG – Spirits Republic – ‘City Lights’ Single Review

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Spirits Republic – ‘City Lights’

Hailing from Nashville, Spirits Republic are an innovating and exciting indie-rock band. Their latest single, ‘City Lights’ saw its official release in May 2020. It is an exhilarating listen which will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Firstly, a full band sound opens the release. A sparkly electric guitar, bass and drums enter the sonic spectrum, and they pave the way for the emotional vocals to enter. Moreover, we adore the vocals which fill the track with warmth and character. Secondly, the chorus is driving, and enigmatic. The bridge offers a change of pace that feels fresh and exciting to the listener, keeping them fully engaged. 

We love the arrangement of the single; it has a beautiful rise and fall within the instrumentation that creates texture within the piece. In addition, the guitars have subtle riffs happening behind the vocals which are intelligently composed, so everything works in harmony together. Futhermore, the mix, master and production of the single have been executed to perfection. 

FV MUSIC BLOG – Spirits Republic – ‘City Lights’ Single Review

Spirits Republic say about the release, “‘City Lights” is an indie breakup song with an alternative rock edge.” This catchy and endearing single could not be further away from a soppy breakup song. Subsequently, the ingenious composition and arrangement let the single shine in its natural light, and we are thrilled to have discovered this magnificent band. 

In Conclusion, Spirits Republic are going to be big in 2020 and beyond. We can not recommend ‘City Lights’ highly enough, and we look forward to hearing what they will do next. Above all, check out this brilliant single from the link below. 

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