Springtide – ‘Sounds Strange, Weird, But Unmistakably Romantic Vol.2’

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Springtide – ‘Sounds Strange, Weird, But Unmistakably Romantic Vol.2’

The divine artist Springtide has released his stunning EP, ‘Sounds Strange, Weird, But Unmistakably Romantic Vol.2’ today! (17th March 2020).

‘It Was Almost 3 A.M. I Was Looking Up At The Sky’ opens the release. It is inspired by Genesis, and has an instant charm which engulfs the listener. Springtide’s customised Fender Telecaster shines brightly in the piece, and the song is the ray of sunshine we all need right now! We adored ‘Something Is Happening By The Sea’, it’s chilled vibe resonates throughout the song and the sound of gentle waves are blissful….. until the true foot-stomping nature of the track kicks in! 

‘Northern Soundscape One’ is a song which evolves in front of the listener’s ears. Springtide says, “Sometimes, a new instrument inspires me so much. When I was playing with an old fretless bass guitar, which I just acquired, I was impressed by very nice high tones that high G string produces if I use a pick. Then I tried a pitch shifter effect to gain more high tones, and it worked really well. That’s the mandolin-like sound you hear in this song.” We love what a generous artist Springtide is. Sharing his process, is destined to inspire a generation of musicians. 

When asked how Springtide creates his trademark sound, he says, “The usage of synthesizers is very minimal with my music, while not a few people mention they heard synthesizer sounds. The key is the ‘electronic guitar’ system. It’s a conventional electric guitar that’s hooked up to my MacBook Pro instead of standard amplifiers. Software on my MacBook Pro transforms guitar signal into strange and weird sounds such as pulses, waves, or soundscapes in real-time.”

This six-track release needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. So add it to your musical journey this week, you will not be disappointed. 

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