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Stafford Galli
Stafford Galli

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Stafford Galli – ‘We Are Your People’

Doncaster based band Stafford Galli have released their superb single ‘We Are Your People’, in June 2020. It is a folk-rock release that is making waves this summer. 

‘We Are Your People’ slowly evolves into the sonic spectrum. Characterful vocals entice the listener before the full band kicks in. An acoustic guitar, driving drums and melodic bass take the centre stage before the stoic vocals reappear. We love the vibe of the single; it is engaging with relatable lyrics and ear-catching melodies. 

Also, we adore the chorus, which is memorable, and the listener looks forward to it returning, when it comes back around. The violin adds extra texture to the piece too and makes the single stand out from the crowd. 

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Stafford Galli says, “There was a lot of pent up anger when I started writing ‘We Are Your People’, and so much of what is happening today seems like a cyclical process, and it’s important we re-visit the past to encourage people not to make the same mistakes twice”.

“I think the band could see where I wanted to take the track having seen the lyrics, so when we got in the studio it felt like hell had been let loose and here’s the result of it”.

From performing to sold-out venues, headlining grassroots festivals, appearing on live TV and Radio and supporting some of the worlds most renowned artist (including The Waterboys), Stafford Galli is building on solid foundations with this release. They are a band on the up and ones to watch in 2020.

So make sure you add this exciting release to your playlist this weekend. Stafford Galli is a band with a bright future, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next! 

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