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STATE LAW – ‘Jertain’

Atlanta based musician STATE LAW has released his superb latest single ‘Jertain’, on 4th July 2020. It is a post-rock release that is making waves this summer.

A fast and energetic pace opens the release. STATE LAW’s enigmatic vocals enter, and the compelling nature continues. We love the layered vocals that give weight to the track. Also, the many layers of guitars are thoroughly addictive. They are hard and driving in places, then switch to a gentler sound with a melodic vibe before the distorted and textured guitars reenter. We love the catchy chorus, and the listener looks forward to it coming back around. It is a well-composed and arranged song that is a wonderful introduction to this superb musician.


The artist says about the single, ‘”Jertain’ is an insistent, peppy ditty about escape.” It has been taken from the album ‘Participation Is Vital’. STATE LAW comments, “The album ‘Participation Is Vital’ packages worried and despondent observations of hyper-modern American life, society, and political morass into 11 fast-acting tablets. No need to get comfy! This is immediate media: a speedy, dense & pissy rock/riff/punk affair for those suffering from limited time and endless pressure. Whether you delve into one track or tolerate the entire record, ‘Participation Is Vital’ helps accelerate the global attention deficit in a jiffy!”

‘Jertain’ was in recorded 2019 by Dan Nadolny in The Men’s Room, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. In addition, it has been mixed and mastered by Alex Thurston at Pencilneck Recordings, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Also, Jason Cummings has provided the artwork. To sum up, together, the team have done an excellent job in creating a single that will stand the test of time. 

So make sure you check out this exciting release from the link below!

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