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Stock Footage
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Stock Footage – ‘Broken Together’

Hailing from Brooklyn, Stock Footage has released their latest album ‘Broken Together’, in July 2020. 

The title track opens the release. An indie-rock feel kicks through, and the piece is charged with energy. We enjoyed the guitar riffs, which are filled with character and charm. ‘First Spark’ has a mellow beginning which entices the listener. The song evolves with the audience and has a good vibe. ‘Pieces Falling Apart’ is a stand out track with a punk edge in the chorus. We adore the closing track, ‘Your Love Is Not Enough’, it leaves the listener wanting more. 

Jake DeRango Comments

Singer Jake DeRango says, “​Since starting Stock Footage, I’ve had the goal of writing a full-length album and adding a horn section to our sound, and I’m excited that we get to share that vision with the world.”

“The album is a search for peace and comfort in the chaos of the modern world. The interplay between loud and quiet, driving and contemplative indie-rock rock guitar and horns are central to the musicality of the album, all while based in pop hooks and structure. It’s hard to pick favourites, but stand out tracks include ‘Broken Together’, ‘You and Me’, ‘Over and Over Again’, and ‘Your Love is not Enough’.”

Stock Footage was formed in 2014 in Chicago by Jake DeRange, who recruited long-time friend and drummer Tom Pilcher. Together the duo is making indie-rock music that will see their fanbase grow this summer. 

We are so thrilled to have discovered this latest album by Stock Footage. They are a band with a bright future, and we look forward to hearing what they will do next! Until then, check out ‘Broken Together’ from the link below. 

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