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Sully – ‘Ghosting (Me)’

Sully is back with her excellent latest single ‘Ghosting (Me)’. It is an electronic-pop single with a big heart. This Melbourne based artist is making waves with this brilliant release!

Big, impactful synths open the release before Sully’s gorgeous vocals kick in. We adore the darkness in the production, which creates a wonderful depth and texture to the piece. 

Sully’s vocals fill the sonic spectrum; they are enticing and demand the listener’s attention. Her relatable lyrics reach out and touch the audience too. In addition, we adore the catchy chorus: the main melody is stunning. The chorus hears a change in direction which keeps the listener on their toes. ‘Ghosting (Me)’ will have you reaching for the repeat button! 

Sully says, “I’ve written for so many different projects over the years – from blues/rock to folk and everything in between. But I keep coming back to pop music,” She continues, “At the end of the day, I’ve known forever that I’m completely addicted to the complex simplicities of the pop writing process. Now, I get to throw myself head-first into that love.” We love it too!

‘Ghosting (Me)’ is the second single from this songstress. Her debut ‘I Should Know Better’ was a wonderful introduction to this superb troubadour but ‘Ghosting (Me)’ hears a shift up in gear. 


We are so thrilled to see that Sully has a full EP due to drop in 2021. After hearing ‘Ghosting (Me)’ we can not wait for the new EP to land!

Until then, ‘Ghosting (Me)’ is available from the link below. We are sure that this single will please existing Sully fans while simultaneously winning her an army of new ones too. Enjoy!

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