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SWEETTALKER – ‘Born To Lose’

Hailing from Nashville, SWEETTALKER have released their excellent latest single ‘Born To Lose’ in January. It is a garage-rock release which needs to be heard this winter 2021!

A big opening greets the listener. We adore the driving and enigmatic wall of sound that engulfs the listener. As the vocals drop, the intoxicating nature of ‘Born To Lose’ is in full flow. 

The chorus is captivating and memorable. It stays with the listener long after the music has ended. The layered instrumentation is filled with colour and texture too. We adore the change in pace as the instrumentation cuts away, and gentle harmonies take over before the fantastic band kick back in. ‘Born To Lose’ is a song which firmly sets SWEETTALKER as a band to watch this 2021. 

In addition, we adore the mix, master and production of ‘Born To Lose’. Every part of the varied instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines bright. 


SWEETTALKER say about the release, “‘Born To Lose’ is a take on the working man blues and trying to make it in the music business.” They continue, “It was written in 2016, but it became relevant in an entirely new way once the EP was released in 2020. The accompanying music video is just as chaotic (in a fun way) as the song and year we all just experienced.”

SWEETTALKER is an exciting band who are making waves in 2021. They have a sound unparalleled to anyone that we have heard recently, and we very much recommend adding ‘Born To Lose’ to your playlist this week. 

We are so excited to hear what SWEETTALKER will do next. ‘Born To Lose’ is a classic in the making, enjoy from the link below!

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