T8000 – ‘Voices From The Radar II (Unknown Languages)’

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T8000 – ‘Voices From The Radar II (Unknown Languages)’

T8000 released his stunning album, ‘Voices From The Radar II (Unknown Languages)’ in 2019. It is a wonderful collection of 8 songs, all with infectious melodies and ingenious beats.

‘Wave Length’ opens the album and it hits hard from the get-go. Grabbing the attention of the listener instantly, the main synth plays a riff that is filled with character and charm. The beat is upbeat and engaging, with a disco feel to it. We adored ‘Deep Blue’, it has a house vibe with the kick drum feeling like the heartbeat of the song. The instrumentation cuts away as the piece progresses and the synths feel freeing towards the end, opening up to a new beginning. 

Our favourite song is ‘Ghost In The Wire’, from a mysterious and ominous opening, the song evolves before the listener. Thick bass and darting synths add juxtaposing textures to the piece, and the song builds from the ground up effortlessly.

The final song, ‘Chemical Reaction’ brings the album in a full circle. It has the same integrity as the opening track, infectious and enthralling. One thing is for sure, ‘Voices From The Radar II (Unknown Languages)’ will have you reaching for the repeat button! 

Released on Pink Dolphin Music LTD, ‘Voices From The Radar II (Unknown Languages)’ is an exciting and diverse piece of work. T8000 is reinventing the Synthwave genre in places on this album. His ability to have the listener’s ear drawn to multiple directions at once but it all still make sense as a whole piece is magnificent. 

We are so excited to have discovered this album. T8000 also has an excellent back catalogue to explore too, including this album’s predecessor ‘Voices From The Radar’. We will be checking out his previous releases this week, and we recommend you also do! We can not wait to see what T8000 will do in the 2020s, and we will be watching with eager anticipation to find out! 

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