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Talk In Code

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Talk In Code – ‘Secret’

Hailing from Swindon in the UK, Talk In Code have released their brilliant indie-pop single ‘Secret’ in November 2020. 

A fun 1980’s beat and synths open the release. They are rich in colour and set the tone as to what is to come. We adore the vocals which have a more contemporary feel, and the two worlds sit harmoniously together. The jangly guitars add extra texture to the piece too. 

Talk In Code draw the listener in from the get-go. The single has a catchy nature and effortlessly charms the audience. We love the chorus, which is memorable, and the bridge takes the single in a new direction keeping the listener on their toes. 

Talk In Code are comprised of band members Chris Stevens – vocals, guitars, Alastair “Snedds” Sneddon – guitars, programming, Mark “Titch” Turner – bass, programming and Jamie O’Sullivan – drums. They are all talented musicians, but when they come together, magic happens. 

Studio 91

Recorded prior to lockdown, ‘Secret’ was recorded at Studio 91 in Newbury (Supergrass, Fickle Friends, Bring Me The Horizon, and Amber Run). Together they have created a single with depth and warmth, a must-hear release this winter!

This superb band are prolific writers, and ‘Secret’ is the fourth single that they have released this year. After hearing ‘Secret’, we can not wait to check out the bands back catalogue. 

We adore this release with its 1980’s vibe which has been reinvented for 2020. Talk In Code are a brilliant band, and we feel they are just getting started. We are really excited to hear what they will do in 2021, and we know it will be a big year for them. 

So check out ‘Secret’ this weekend, Talk In Code are a band who are making innovative and enigmatic music, enjoy!

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