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Tasha Angela – ‘Undescribable Feeling’

‘Undescribable Feeling’ is the incredible latest single by Toronto based musician, Tasha Angela. Warm and intoxicating vocals guide the beautiful melodies along with a smooth backing band providing the foundations for the track to grow.

From an atmospheric opening of a piano and general background hustle and bustle, Angela’s mesmerising vocals appear. They instantly grab the listener’s attention and hold it throughout the duration of the song. The bass enters, adding another warm element and the drums follows this. They too are rich, but they also have a punchy snare, giving them weight and authority within the mix. Angela’s impressive vocal range and dexterity are on display throughout the track. We love her tone and character; they both bring fresh elements to the song and elevate the divine track further.

There is also a stunning video that accompanies the release. The visuals have been choreographed and performed by Virgilia Griffith, and she has done an excellent job at connecting with the music. ‘Undescribable Feeling​’ was co-produced by Sam Willows, and co-produced and written by Tasha Angela. Together, the music and visuals enhance one another’s performance beautifully.

Angela says, “‘Undescribable Feeling​’ is a deeply personal song about depressive feelings and the weight of wading through them.” This relatable subject matter is what makes Angela so accessible to her audience. She continues, “I came home after a bad day, sat at my piano and words began flowing out of me. I hope this song can help others who are feeling down in life the same way it helped me.​” We are sure it will.

This Canadian songstress has kicked 2020 off beautifully. ‘Undescribable Feeling’ will be followed up by Tasha Angela’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘Hidden Gems’, which is set for release on 4th February, 2020. We can not wait!

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