Ted Sablay – ‘You’ll Be Back Here Soon’ Album Release

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Ted Sablay - Sheenna Mercier
Ted Sablay – Sheenna Mercier

Ted Sablay – ‘You’ll Be Back Here Soon’

Ted Sablay isn’t the type of artist you come across every day. He is an outstanding talent and his latest album, ‘You’ll Be Back Here Soon,’ is a classic album in the making.

‘Admit it Now’ opens the release to a gorgeous band sound that fills the sonic spectrum. Sablay’s charming and charismatic vocals take the song’s reins and effortlessly hold the listener’s attention. We adore the chordal progressions, which are unpredictable.

‘You’ll Be Back Here Soon’ is punchy from the get-go. Memorable hooks stay with the listener, and it is a song that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

‘Love Is Strong’ has relatable lyrics and a brilliant vocal performance. In addition, ‘Fall Out of Love’ is one of our favourite tracks. It is super catchy and takes the album out on a high.

The Killers

Hailing from Las Vegas, Sablay is a highly talented artist. He has been a touring musician for The Killers for over ten years. When Covid19 hit, Sablay was preparing for his fourth world tour with the band. With that tour on hold, Sablay had time to write, record and produce his first solo album – we are so glad he did.

Guitars at zZounds

Madison Square Garden

Ted Sablay is a seasoned musician. He has performed on some of the biggest stages worldwide, including Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium. He also performed at the White House for President Barack Obama; and collaborated with Bruce Springsteen.

Despite these high profile achievements, ‘You’ll Be Back Here Soon’ feels like a personal and intimate record that sets Sablay as a solo artist at the top of his game.

Outstanding Talent

We are so thrilled to have discovered this brilliant album and can not recommend Ted Sablay highly enough. He is an outstanding talent whose solo career is only just beginning. We can not wait to hear what he will do next!

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