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Temperature Falls – ‘Solace’

The brilliant band Temperature Falls, are back with their first single of 2020. ‘Solace’ is a hypnotising single with a laid back vibe and hard-hitting vocals. 

From an atmospheric crackling opening, gorgeous synths come through. Once the beat hits, the high hats cut through at the top end of the mix, adding sparkle and shine to the sound. The bass and kick drum enter, feeling like the foundation of the song, the other instruments grow from this stoic base and they are also the glue that holds everything together.

The vocal performance is filled with emotion and integrity. We found the vibe to be laid back, yet the vocal intensity comes through. There are big synths to be heard on the chorus, and use of delay and reverb on the vocals help to give them further weight in the mix. The chorus itself is innovative in its melody, unusual and compelling it instantly demands the listener’s attention. Lyrics such as “My Life is all about you,” are powerful and commanding. 

Comprised of vocalist/lyricist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, we were lucky enough to blog about Temperature Falls in 2019. Our review of ‘Guilty/Stability’ can be found here. ‘Solace’ is a fine extension of their sound. It drives in a new direction to past Temperature Falls releases but retains their talent and integrity. 

Citing their influences as, Bjork, Portishead, and Pearl Jam, Temperature Falls describes themselves as a “Norweigian/English Trip-Hop/contemporary rock duo”. They execute this fusion of genres exceptionally well and create a unique and innovative sound all of their own. 

We are so excited to see Temperature Falls releasing new music so early in 2020. Make sure you check out ‘Solace’ today!

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