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Terry Blade – ‘American Descendant of Slavery’ Album Out Now!

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Terry Blade

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Terry Blade – ‘American Descendant of Slavery’

The superb artist Terry Blade is back with his hard-hitting album ‘American Descendant of Slavery’. It is a must-hear release from this Chicago-based Troubadour. 

‘Opening: What He Mean By That?’ begins the release. It is filled with powerful spoken word samples which draw the audience in. ‘INward’ features gorgeous horns and a hard-hitting rap. Terry Blade reaches out and touches the audience with a powerful voice which needs to be heard.

‘Mr Robertson’ is a stand out track. The delicate arrangement allows the song to shine in the light in which it was written. ‘I Want It Back’ is a melodic song with powerful lyrics too. Also, ‘Same Gender Loving’ features Blade’s soulful and profoundly affecting voice. 

Blade says about the release, “Not only did I rely on my personal experiences to make this album, I also drew inspiration from Solange Knowles’ ‘A Seat at the Table’, Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore’s #ADOS movement, the #blacklivesmatter movement, and the documented experiences of ex-slaves and black American LGBTQ+ individuals.”

Previous Releases

Previously we reviewed ‘Black Hurts’ by Terry Blade. He is an extraordinary songwriter who is continually using his significant platform to raise awareness of issues which need light shining on them. 

‘American Descendant of Slavery’ is an album which is written as a whole piece. To receive the full impact, we recommend setting time aside to sit down, turn the music up loud and soak in every beat.

We can not recommend ‘American Descendant of Slavery’ highly enough. It is a powerful album that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. 

We very much look forward to hearing what Terry Blade will do next, we know the 2020s are going to be a significant decade for this incredibly talented artist. 

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