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That summer (1).png‘That Summer, Vol. Two’ is a thoroughly enjoyable compilation album by Various Artists from the BWH Music Group.

We were pleasantly surprised by the range of genres that appear on this compilation and it is a showcase of the talented and diverse collection of artists, BWH Music Group represents.

During the 16 track release, we are treated from tracks by various artists on this compilation. These include; FSG Rell (feat. Nico DC), Emily Cole, Erich Mrak, Tony Valor, Jenny Vinatieri, Happiness Junkies, Love Ghost, Crooked Flower, Almost An Artist, Rooftop Heroes, Calvert, Luna Keller, Kalina & Kiana, James Lee Baker, Olivia Frances and, Stephanie Grace. All of the songs are of the highest quality and we were blown away by the talent BWH Music Group has on their books.

It’s tough to pick our favourite tracks but if we had to, we loved ‘Fake It (Prod. Bento)’ by Erich Mrak for it’s dueling synths before the beat drops and the rap kicks in. ‘Unexplainable’ by Tony Valor for the amazing vocals which reminded us of John legend in places. ‘You Can Leave Your Light On’ by the Happiness Junkies, it has interesting chord changes and unpredictable twists. Finally, ‘Mr. Blue’ by Love Ghost has a rockier feel to what we have heard previously. It’s staccato rhythm and luscious strings are quite simply addictive and will have you reaching for the repeat button!

‘That Summer, Vol. Two’ certainly is food for thought and has opened the door to a whole new batch of artists to check out. All of the songs are strong singles in their own right, with integrity and heart at their core.

So, brighten up your summer and make sure you check out, ‘That Summer, Vol. Two’ today!

FVMusicBlog August 2019

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