The Dirty Pennies – ‘Love Ain’t Free’ Single Released

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The Dirty Pennies
The Dirty Pennies

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The Dirty Pennies – ‘Love Ain’t Free’

Hailing from ROCHESTER, USA, The Dirty Pennies are an alternative rock band. Their latest single, ‘Love Ain’t Free’ is a classic in the making.

An attention grabbing opening greets the listener. A full band sound establishes itself and the charming vocals masterfully guides the track along. We adore the main riff, which is memorable and instantly makes the song appealing.

We love the staccato nature within the piece; it adds texture and colour to the single. Also, the guitar solo is melodic, touching on the riff from the opening but carving its own path in the song. The mix, master and production are excellent and let the single shine in a compelling and enthralling light. ‘Love Ain’t Free’ will be making waves this summer 2020.

The Dirty Pennies
The Dirty Pennies

Rock Ballad

The Dirty Pennies say about the release, “‘Love Ain’t Free’ is a summer rock ballad for every 20-30 something navigating self-sacrifice, devotion, and growth that one often experiences during the never-ending journey of love.” We feel that ‘Love Ain’t Free’ will resonate with a lot of people. The band are able to connect with their listener, and this is a big part of their appeal. 

Previously, the band have toured in support of Wine Lips, Birdgangs and had the pleasure of performing at the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival and Lilac Festival in 2018. The Dirty Pennies are an exciting and promising band. ‘Love Ain’t Free’ is officially released today, 10th July 2020 and we thoroughly recommend adding it to your weekend playlist.

We very much look forward to hearing what this exciting band will do next. 

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