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The Figurants
The Figurants

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The Figurants – ‘Indoor Words’

Hailing from Shoreline, The Figurants are a low-fi duo who have released the superb album ‘Indoor Words’. Released originally in 2019, the album is out now, and we thoroughly recommend adding it to your weekday playlist. 

Firstly, ‘Magic Magazines’ opens the release with an upbeat vibe. We love the driving melodies and full band sound. ‘Buster’ is a gorgeous acoustic track with enticing melodies and layered instrumentation. ‘Horrible Horses’ is a stand out rock song that features compelling lyrics throughout the track. ‘Tredit’ closes the album and closes the release in The Figurants unique style! 


The band say about the release, “The album ‘Indoor Words’ follows an elderly man as he attempts to reconstruct his past after falling victim to severe dementia. He uses pneumonic cues, mixed memories and sitcom-style hijinx to attempt to piece together what has become of himself and his life.” They continue, “The Figurants are a decidedly DIY endeavour and we pride ourselves on completing all aspects of the album’s creation and release, down to album art, mastering and promotion.”

The Figurants are comprised of band members Matt McClure and Erik Sahd. They initially met in high school in the 1990s and recently started working together after a twenty-year absence. 

McClure recorded the songs in his home studio in Seattle and Sahd recorded the drums in his studio in Lancaster, PA. The entire production was created solely by the duo. Above all, they have done a good job of creating a captivating and compelling piece of art. 

In conclusion make sure you add ‘Indoor Words’ to your weekday playlist. In addition, the Figurants are a great band, and we look forward to hearing what they will do next. 

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