The Figurants – ‘Phantom Twin’ Single Released

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The Figurants - 'Phantom Twin'
The Figurants – ‘Phantom Twin’

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The Figurants – ‘Phantom Twin’

Hailing from Shoreline in the USA, The Figurants are an indie-rock band. Their latest release ‘Phantom Twin’ is a beautiful single that needs to be heard!

A bright and enticing opening greets the listener. The opening melodies are memorable and set the scene beautifully for the vocals to enter. Lyrically, ‘Phantom Twin’ is interesting and compelling. The Figurants capture the listener’s attention and hold it effortlessly. 

We love the layered and varied instrumentation which is filled with vibrant colour and creates texture within the piece. The chorus is catchy and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. The instrumental melody from the opening returns and when it does, it feels like an old friend returning. 

The Figurants say about the release, “‘Phantom Twin” is about an impossible bond between two identical twin sisters born continents apart to different sets of parents. They have that thing that twins have where they can feel each other’s emotions, and they unknowingly share thoughts that make them both act erratically at times.” They continue, “Both feel vaguely incomplete being so far from one another, as one could imagine, and the story doesn’t end well.”

Band Members

The Figurants are comprised of band members Matt McClure and Erik Sahd. Together, the duo has written, recorded and produced and designed this project from the beginning to the end. They are both multitalented artists who when they work together, magic happens.

The duo met just out of high school. After a twenty-year break, they began working together again and have not looked back since. They have released four albums together in three years, and based on the strength of ‘Phantom Twin’, we can not wait to check them out.

So make sure you add ‘Phantom Twin’ to your playlist this week. The Figurants are a prolific and driving band who are making waves in the alt-rock-pop scene. 

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