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The Great Dictators – ‘Creep For Life’

One of our favourite bands is back! The Great Dictators released their mesmerising latest single, ‘Creep For Life’ on 20th March 2020. 

Drums and attention backing instrumentation opens the single. The vocals enter, rich and warm with an intoxicating melody. We loved the layered synths in the background, which are complex and intriguing throughout. We also adored the high-hats which are tireless in the chorus and lift the welcoming vibe effortlessly. Lyrically, ‘Creep For Life’ is engaging and relatable. We believe this is a big draw of this Copenhagen-based indie rock trio. The melodic and enjoyable nature of their singles is second to none. 

The Great Dictators say, “This song is our humble tribute to the great Jóhann Jóhannson. His soundscapes are always a big inspiration and also during the recording of ‘Creep For Life’. The lyrics tell a tale of a dysfunctional family where love and trust are illusions trying to stab you in the back. Some might say that family is a divine blessing.” They continue, “It can also be a hellish curse for life, and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. The song finishes with a noisy blast resembling a much-needed exorcism, so maybe it’s a happy ending.” 

We were so excited to see The Great Dictators have a new album entitled ‘One Eye Opener’ due for release on April 17th via Celebration Records. It is certainly a date for your diary!

So make sure you check out The Great Dictators today, they are a band with an extensive back catalogue and a promising future. We can not wait to hear what the next album will hold!

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