The Great Dictators – ‘One Eye Opener’ Album Release

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The Great Dictators - 'One Eye Opener'
The Great Dictators – ‘One Eye Opener’

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The Great Dictators – ‘One Eye Opener’

One of our favourite bands is back! The Great Dictators have released their excellent album, ‘One Eye Opener’. It is an indie-rock album that is making waves in 2020.

Firstly, ‘Moon Howling at Earth’ is a sparse opening, drawing the listener in with its captivating vibe. An addictive beat enters, and the song is in full flow. ‘Killing Fields’ is compelling from the get-go. Evolving before the listener, it is a track which will have you reaching for the repeat button. The title track, ‘One Eye Opener’ has a laid back vibe with intoxicating melodies and powerful lyrics. 

We adored the track ‘Trees Come From Hell’, textured synths greet the listener. The hauntingly beautiful vocal has a melancholic draw to them. We found the carefully crafted electric guitars create colour within the piece too. In addition, the beautifully layered vocals give authoritative weight to the piece. 

The Great Dictators - 'One Eye Opener'
The Great Dictators – ‘One Eye Opener’

The Great Dictators Talk

The band say, “Demons are faced, and hope appears in various shapes throughout the album.” They continue, “First of all we hope that the album can become a loyal friend for others going through hard times. That it’ll hold your hand while telling you, in its own quirky way, that everything’s going to be alright.” 

Furthermore, The Great Dictators cite their influences as artists such as Kraftwerk, The Psychedelic Furs, New Order, Leonard Cohen and Brian Eno. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘One Eye Opener’ but make no mistake; The Great Dictators are making music all of their own. 

In Conclusion

So make sure you add ‘One Eye Opener ‘ to your weekday playlist. In short, The Great Dictators are an exciting and innovating band who need to be heard! Check out ‘One Eye Opener’ from the link below. 

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