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Jolly_Pops_Bad_Bad_Dinosaur_MiniThe thing we love most about this job is, you never know what will be next to be devoured in your inbox. Sometimes it’s Rock, Rap, Trapp, Blues, Metal, Jazz or anything in between. Sometimes it’s just plain unexpected. Today was one of those days!

‘Bad Bad Dinosaur’ is the superb new release from The Jolly Pops. It is a truly enthralling album which had us hooked from the first few seconds. We haven’t heard anything like this in a very, very long time!

The Jolly Pops are exactly that, Fathers (and excellent musicians) who have come together to provide music for kids. Their music transcends genre and is thoroughly engaging from the beginning to the end.

The title track, ‘Bad Bad Dinosaur’ opens the album and it is a stunning and addictive song from the get-go. First, we hear a growl followed by a Rock groove and a catchy and infectious song follows. We adored the high-quality storytelling on the song. The listener is taken on a journey and it is filled with imagery and intrigue. Kids can visualise the story which is being told from the excellent writing and it is a pure joy to listen to.

We also enjoyed the track, ‘Dance Like Everyone Is Watching’. It hears a complete shift in genre to a hip hop/trapp feel. It is electronic music at it’s finest. ‘Nature’ hears a genre shift again with the addition of a solo ukulele. It’s 3/4 timing makes for a song which has a  more gentle feel than what has come before. ‘Nature’ is also a sweet and beautiful teaching aid.

We loved, ‘Not Your Cheese’ for its silly and innovative sound. We could hear this song being sung by The Muppets. Its dynamic feel captivates the listener’s attention and holds it until the very last note.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, The Jolly Pops are comprised of Billy Hartong, Angus Clark and, Ryan Ecklund. Their fun and exhilarating sound is a must listen for anyone with kids. Whether they are being informative, teaching or just plain whacky, one thing is for sure, The Jolly Pops are always entertaining. Make sure you check out this Magnificent album today!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2019



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