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The Lost Hours – ‘Shiver & Shake’

‘Shiver & Shake’ is the addictive and utterly compelling new single by the supreme artist, The Lost Hours.

The Lost Hours (AKA Callum James) is a singer-songwriter based in Leeds. His fresh and exciting sound is fully on display in this latest release. ‘Shiver & Shake’ showcases James’s skilful guitar playing, soulful voice and memorable melodies.

An expertly played acoustic guitar opens the single, with a slap technique in the percussive hand, acting as a hypnotic metronome. The vocals enter, and they are filled with soul, emotion and life. Keys add a new dimension as do the guitar licks appearing in the background periodically. There is a beautiful rolling vibe to the song too, it feels familiar and stable.

We adored the chorus, which is catchy with the hook staying with the listener long after the music has finished. It is infectious in nature, and the top end snap of the guitar shines through particularly well during this part.

The vocals get more expressive as the song continues, and by the second verse, they are flying high in the mix. James’s voice reminds us of Paolo Nutini, while his guitar playing is reminiscent of John Martyn. He is undoubtedly an exceptional and talented artist who is destined to win an army of new fans with ‘Shiver & Shake’.

James says, “The song depicts the aftermath of a relationship. Love, loss, and betrayal hidden behind a careless, carefree lyrical facade, ‘you get it you hit it you pass it on by’ referring to the shallow intentions of an ex-lover who uses people like they use party drugs.”

Signed to independent label High Tribe Records, The Lost Hours is an incredible artist with a big future ahead of him. We can not wait to see what he will do next.

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