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The Mighty Missoula – ‘Remnants’

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Portland-based band The Mighty Missoula, are back with their magnificent latest album, ‘Remnants’.

‘Draining Euphrates’ opens the release. It is a gentle opening filled with a delicate electric guitar before it builds in stature, evolving into a hard-hitting rock instrumental. Intriguing melodies fill the sonic landscape with a hauntingly beautiful undertone. 

We loved ‘Gravity’s Arc’, from the opening the song is welcoming and filled with character and charm. Duelling guitars appear in either side of the sonic spectrum and effortlessly complement one another. Captivating and compelling, it is a wonderfully composed song. The intelligent arrangement sets a beautiful pace within the track too. 

The final track, ‘Ogive’, is an impressive 9 minutes 26 seconds in length. During that time, the listener is taken on a journey with The Mighty Missoula. It is a magnificent ending which leaves the listener wanting more. 

The Mighty Missoula say, “Our focus for this album was to share stories to reflect our frustration with the collective action related to climate change.” They continue, “A good soundtrack for those gloomy weather days, ‘Remnants’ swings between atmospheric calmness and temperamental crescendos while containing pockets of positive energy without being overly dark.”

Building on their 2017 debut ‘Au Nord’, The Mighty Missoula have returned with a robust collection of instrumental explorations. Comprised of band members, Adam Schmid – drums, synths, and percussion, Eric Mapson – bass, Robby Russell – guitar, and Ryly Roberts – guitar and keyboards, The Mighty Missoula are a talented band. 

So make sure you add ‘Remnants’ to your weekend playlist. It is a captivating listen that is destined to win The Mighty Missoula an army of new fans. Check out ‘Remnants’ from the link below. 

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