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The Modern World – ‘Late November’

‘Late November’ is the superb latest single to be released by London based artist, The Modern World (AKA Oli James). Rich in heart, soul and integrity, ‘Late November’ is likely to have you reaching for the repeat button. 

The luscious single has a drum opening, swiftly followed by gorgeous horns and synths that set the scene beautifully. The 6/8 timing is laid back and instantly makes the listener feel safe in The Modern World’s hands. There is a warm and inviting piano which feels like the master of ceremonies. Together the instrumentation lays the foundations for the sublime vocals. 

Atmospheric and engaging, the vocals are warm and sumptuous. There is a beautiful juxtaposition between the melody and the lyrics, one positive and one filled with a saddness that adds texture to the piece. The chordal progression is stoic throughout too. We adored the use of horns which add a rich depth to the song. The instruments on the verses cut back and return in numbers during the succeeding parts. 

Citing his influences as coming from Motown, Classic Rock and Blues, New Wave and English Folk, this melting pot of musical goodness can be felt in ‘Late November’. The warmth from the melody and instrumentation set the single alight, and it is a classic song in the making. 

‘Late November’ was recorded in studios across London, and produced by Oli James himself. Alex Lindner mixed the song, and also partly produced it too. Together, the duo has created an enjoyable sonic experience that is pushing the boundaries of production. This innovative approach to executing the single is what sets it apart from the crowd.

We can not wait to see what The Modern World will do next in 2020. Our eyes and ears eagerly anticipate their next move. 

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