The Racketeers – ‘Toothache’ Album Release

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The Racketeers - 'Toothache'
The Racketeers – ‘Toothache’

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The Racketeers – ‘Toothache’

The Racketeers are a garage-rock band hailing from Leeds. Their latest album ‘Toothache’ is an enthralling listen which is making waves this summer. 

Firstly, ‘Sundown’ opens with an enticing electric guitar. Charming vocals enter with layered backing vocals following. A full band sound kicks in and the song is in full flow. We adored ‘Glitter’, it has a raw feel that feels honest and enticing. We love the laid back vibe and the catchy melodies too. 

‘Orange and Hazy’ evolves along with the listener. From an instrumental opening the track grows, and layers of texture build from the ground up. Furthermore, ‘Make A Break’ has a catchy nature that has the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

The Racketeers Talk

The band has explained that the inspiration for ‘Toothache’ is from their time in Leeds. They say, “Along with making us laugh we thought the album name and cover fitted well, because a lot of the things you get up to as a student are probably not very good for you, despite being fun at the time. Eventually, those things leave you with a feeling that something is not quite right.” 

The Racketeers - 'Toothache'
The Racketeers – ‘Toothache’

Drummer Mike Johansson says,” ‘Toothache’ feels like a big step up from our previous EP and we are all really proud of it. We feel the melodies and lyrics in the song are memorable, and hopefully, it will get people singing along. With the right exposure and publicity, it could be the start of big things.”


In conclusion, make sure you make a note of The Racketeers as they are destined for big things. We adore their innovating and genuine sound, which is intoxicating. We look forward to hearing what they will do next!

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