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The Rhythm Bullies – ‘Dysnomia’

Hailing from Nashville, The Rhythm Bullies have released their excellent indie-rock single ‘Dysnomia’ in January 2021. It is a magnificent release which we thoroughly recommend checking out!

An energetic and driving opening greets the listener. The lead vocals take the reins of the track and are filled with passion and emotion. We adore the full band sound; it fills the sonic spectrum with colour and intensity.

In addition, the captivating lyrics reach out and connect with the listener. We love the chorus, which is heavier than the verse, with a catchy nature that will have the listener reaching for the repeat button!

Musician Sebastian Mogan formed the Rhythm Bullies. He has other band members interchanging, and together they are creating music that needs to be heard!

Mogan says about the release, “The clash of ideologies in 2020 lead me to observe postmodern times more clearly. I used the Greek Legend of Dysnomia as a reference of a battle between good and evil.” He continues, “I wanted to make an epic but accessible rock song with philosophical lyrics to combat the materialistic trends of today.” Objective achieved!

Pentavarit Studios

The Rhythm Bullies were formed during the pandemic in 2020 and are producing innovative and creative music. In addition, ‘Dysnomia’ has been superbly produced at Pentavarit Studios in Nashville, by Grammy-Nominated Engineer Bobby Holland. Together, the team has done an excellent job creating a single which is ear-catching and one which will stand the test of time!

Sebastian Mogan is a talented artist who is making waves this 2021. He also has a podcast entitled, ‘Sebastian’s Finest Hour’, available now on Spotify. 

Check out ‘Dysnomia’ from the link below; you will not be disappointed!

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