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The Thieves About
The Thieves About

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The Thieves About – ‘A Joyful Terrorizing Ride’

San Diego-based band The Thieves About, have released their magnificent latest EP ‘A Joyful Terrorizing Ride’, in August 2020.

‘Hurt Me Sometimes’ opens the release to melodic and driving guitars. The full band drops and the single is in full flow. It is a relatable song that is set to a catchy hook that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

We enjoyed ‘Take Me On’, it has a mix of acoustic and electric guitars. The charming and character-filled vocals fill the sonic spectrum and effortlessly guide the song along.

‘We Go Down’ is hard-hitting from the get-go! It has a heavier nature to what has come before and is thoroughly compelling. Finally, ‘Torn Down’ closes the release with a gentler feel, leaving the listener wanting more.

Comprised of band members J Scott Gavin (vocals and guitar), Brian Ulery (drums), John Reikes (guitar), and Andrew Williams (bass) The Thieves About are a band you do not want to miss this summer 2020. They are making indie-rock music that is timeless.

Third EP

This is the third release to be released by this formidable group of artists. Previously, we covered the band’s last EP ‘The Chaos Theory’ which can be viewed here

There is a progression in the natural evolution of the band when hearing the two EP’s side by side. The band have toured Southern California and the Phoenix Metropolitan area, cutting their teeth and are ready to take on bigger challenges with this release.

Having formed in 2017, The Thieves About is a band on the up. We very much look forward to hearing what will come next! Until then, check out ‘A Joyful Terrorizing Ride’ from the link below, you will not be disappointed!

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