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7f0033e62e77ff9cc487ddeb4471f934-PRESS+PHOTO+%28a%29+-+The+Thieves+About.jpg‘The Chaos Theory’ is the brand new EP to be released by the superb band, The Thieves About. It is filled with 4 dynamic and memorable songs which will be the soundtrack to this summer.

‘The Chaos Theory’ was officially released on 25th June 2019. It pays homage to 90’s guitar music and has elements of a nostalgic feel but The Thieves About have a sound which is most fitting for 2019. Throughout the EP we hear hard hitting drums, guitars, bass and vocals with layered rhythms and melodies. Divine.

‘Hurricane’ is the opening song, it has a swirling and disorientating beginning which soon hears the drums burst through. Bass and electric guitars follow, setting the stage for the magnificent vocal performance. There is an unusual arrangement with guitar solo’s following the chorus’s each time but this works really well. It clearly demonstrates that The Thieves About are not afraid to experiment and push boundaries.

‘Anything, Anything’ follows with a scintillating guitar opening. The listener feels secure in a confident and unshakeable vocal performance. There is a rising chordal structure in the chorus which lifts the track and the phat sound of the kick and bass guitar add a rich texture at the low end of the mix.

Next, we hear a shift in pace with ‘All in Due Time’. It is a slower song in tempo which is a nice juxtaposition to what we have heard previously. The instruments come together to create a solid foundation for the vocals to shine. The vocals are packed with emotion and the delivery is simply superb.

Finally, we finish with the marching and upbeat song, ‘Sideways’. It is a return to the rock sound we adore. It has a staccato rhythm from the get-go which builds layers of guitars and has a powerful and catchy melody.

Based in Encinitas/Carlsbad, CA, this three-piece is comprised of lead guitarist John Reikes, drummer Brian Ulery, singer/guitarist J. Scott Gavin, and bassist Jeff Redding.

Together they are a tight and hard-hitting band who shine in their best light when playing together. ‘The Chaos Theory’ is truly a superb EP which left us wanting more. We know that this is just the beginning and we can not wait to hear what will come next from such a talented band. Make sure you check out The Thieves About today!

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