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The Velvicks
The Velvicks

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The Velvicks – ‘Run’

Hailing from New York, The Velvicks have released their magnificent EP ‘Run’ in July 2020. It is a garage-rock release that needs to be heard!

‘Hit Me Like Sugar’ opens the release and is attention-grabbing from the get-go. Big guitars, driving bass and drums lay a solid foundation for the charismatic vocals to shine. 

We enjoyed ‘Jones’, dualling guitars and big vocals are captivating and thoroughly addictive. The title track ‘Run’ features beautiful harmonies and driving guitars. Wonderful!

‘Animal Instinct’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more! The Velvicks are all excellent musicians in their own right, but when they come together, magic happens. 


The Velvicks describe the song LDNYC, “It’s about how the lockdown has intricately impacted all levels of our psyche. It is affecting our cognitive ability to interpret ourselves in relation to our post-pandemic world. We are trying to deal with it through a positive optic. In other words, a punch back right in the face of Covid19.” Amen!

‘Run’ was self-produced and recorded by the band with the help of Max Low and Joe Ulmer, who engineered and mixed the EP. They have done an excellent job in creating an EP which feels honest and genuine. There is a rawness to the production which connects the release to its audience. 

In the previous two years alone, the band has played NYC venues such as Rough Trade, National Sawdust, Surf Lodge and Gramercy Theatre, and they have also completed a West Coast Tour. They are certainly a band to watch in the 2020s.

We recommend checking out The Velvicks. They are an exciting band who are destined for big things, and we look forward to hearing what will come next!

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