The Violets – ‘Smoke, Mirrors & other half-truths’

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The Violets - Lidija
The Violets – Lidija

The Violets – ‘Smoke, Mirrors & other half-truths’

Hailing from Adelaide, The Violets have released their magnificent latest album, ‘Smoke, Mirrors & other half-truths’, in March 2022. It is an indie-rock release that is filled with personality and excellent musicianship.

‘Sideways’ opens the release to a driving beat, enticing guitars and compelling vocals. We adore the vibe from the get-go; a fantastic groove establishes itself and gives the audience a glimpse of what is to come.

‘My Whole World’ is a standout track. We love the layered vocals and infectious guitar riffs. The pulsating bass and relatable lyrics reach out and touch the listener.

In addition, ‘All Went South’ features outstanding production and sensational musicianship. The sonic spectrum is filled with vivid colour. We adore the twist in the arrangement 3/4 through the track, which keeps the audience on their toes.

Finally, ‘Here I Am’ closes the release, and it will have you reaching for the repeat button!


Having formed in 1990, The Violets are a band who are well established and making innovative and exciting music. It is clear that they are excellent musicians in their respective fields, but when they come together, magic happens.

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Phantom Records

The band signed to the legendary Sydney label Phantom Records, and from there, they achieved critical acclaim, awards and nationwide airplay. After hearing ‘Smoke, Mirrors & other half-truths,’ we can see why!

After hearing ‘Smoke, Mirrors & other half-truths’, we can not wait to check out the group’s back catalogue. We are sure that this latest full album release will please existing The Violet’s fans and win the band an army of new ones.


So make sure you add ‘Smoke, Mirrors & other half-truths’ to your new music playlist this weekend. The Violets are a band with a rich history, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next.

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