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The Vivians – ‘Kick Start Your Brain’

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The Vivians released their superb final single ‘Kick Start Your Brain’ in April 2020. It is a brilliant Alternative Rock single that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

An enticing riff and phat kick drum open the single before the addictive vocals kick in. The band enter, and the single is in full flow. There is great energy to the song, and this is intoxicating. We found the chorus to be catchy and it is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. The single is upbeat in nature, and the catchy melodies will have you humming them long after the music has finished. Excellent musicians in their own right, when The Vivians come together, magic happens. The Vivians are just the tonic we need at the moment to brighten up our days! 

The band say, “19th April 2010, London – The Vivians played their final show together at Camden’s Koko, opening for punk legends New York Dolls. It’s here that the band’s three and a half year rollercoaster comes to a triumphant and fitting end.” To mark the show’s 10th anniversary, they now make available two previously unreleased tracks – ‘Kick Start Your Brain’ and ‘Drawn To Distraction’. Following their self-titled demos album released in 2016, these songs now bookend The Vivians’ years together between 2006 and 2010.”

We are devastated to see this London based band playing their final show. We are so thankful to have ‘Kick Start Your Brain’ and another single release ‘Drawn To Distraction’ to listen to! Make sure you check out these awesome songs this week, you will not be disappointed.

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