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The Woods

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‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’

Released officially on 15th January 2021, ‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’ is the superb latest single by The Woods. It is an alternative-folk release that needs to be heard!

A textured opening greets the listener. It is enticing and captures the audience’s attention immediately. We adore the charming vocals that enter and take the lead; they are relaxed, but there is also a luscious weight and authority to them. 

‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’ is a song which evolves before the listener. We adore the varied instrumentation which has been mixed and mastered superbly. Every part of the instrumentation has its own space to shine. 

In addition, the chorus is memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. ‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’ is a song which has been intelligently composed and arranged. We can not recommend it highly enough!

The Woods says about the release, “This delicate track deals with one of today’s toughest issues- Anxiety, Depression, & where it leads when we feel we shouldn’t share.” They continue, “The storm brewing inside vs the calm facade we portray.”

The Woods

The Woods (AKA Johnny McFadzean) is a Scottish producer, vocalist, & multi-instrumental loop artist. He is an innovative and talented musician pushing the boundaries of the genre and making music that is truly all his own. 

Notably, in 2019 & 2020 The Woods created live performances at London Fashion Week to accompany US Eco Designer Jeff Garner’s ‘Prophetik’ shows. He has also performed at Clash Magazine highlight at XpoNorth (2019), and many more enthralling live shows. 

So make sure you check out The Woods this weekend. He is a driving artist who needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. ‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’ is available now to stream from the link below, enjoy!

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