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Third Lung – ‘Meet The Sky’

Third Lung are back with their addictive latest single, ‘Meet The Sky.’ It is a passionate song with a rock edge that is set to win the hearts of its listeners.

From a mysterious opening a solo electric guitar enters. It is automatically charming, and when another guitar comes into the sonic spectrum, a harmonious balance emerges. The vocals enter the piece, and they appear at the forefront of the mix. The vocals feel raw and filled with emotion and passion. We adored the range of the vocalist. The overall intensity ebbs and flows, giving texture to the piece.

We love the drums and bass; they provide a stable and driving foundation for the rest of the song to grow from. The unpredictability in the arrangement of the track is brilliant. It does not follow a predictable course, and this creates interest and intrigue within the piece. The single comes full circle, ending as it began, a brilliant touch.

Third Lung are comprised of Songwriter and lead Vocalist Tom Farrelly, Bassist Rob Jacques, Guitarist/Songwriter/Vocalist Camilla (Cams) Jurasek, and drummer Sam Waugh. We would love to see Third Lung live; their passion and dedication come through from the studio single, we can only imagine the electricity that they create in a live performance.

This hardworking band has a relentless worth ethic too. Third Lung are dedicated to perfecting their craft and along with producer Michael Smith (RYP), are always striving to make their next work their best work. Previous EP releases include ‘Breaking Late’ and ‘Sooner Or Later.’ We can not wait to hear what will come next from this talented group of musicians.

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