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Tie Dye Kitty – ‘Chasing Cloud Shadows’

‘Chasing Cloud Shadows’ is the superb latest release from Tie Dye Kitty. Catchy and melodic, it is a single with a killer hook that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

The single quickly fades in and a dreamy rock-pop sound soon engulfs the sonic landscape. Layered vocals hit the listener hard and the wonderfully played guitar soon encapsulates the listener’s attention. The vocals are instantly relatable and have a likeable and memorising quality to them. They draw the listener’s ear and keep them entranced throughout the song. We adored the synths darting around in the background, disappearing as soon as they have arrived. Also, bass and drums create the stoic foundation for the rest of the song to grow from.

Our favourite section of the song is the chorus. It is wonderfully infectious with a melody that stays in the listener’s head long after the music has finished. The guitar licks that underpin the track are subtle yet integral to the piece. The guitar solos happen at once, mixed into either side of the sonic spectrum. They dance around one another, never intruding and always complimenting each other’s performance beautifully.

Tie Dye Kitty says of the single, “It’s about saving people from chasing the latest technology just to say that you own it, even if it kills you in the process.” We feel this is a message people need to hear! Lyrics such as, “Don’t update your windows every night, peer the world through your device,” are a clever way to convey the message.

Tie Dye Kitty’s infectious and unmistakable sound is destined to grow their following with this latest release. They certainly have new fans in us! Make sure you check out this wonderful release today, it is one for the weekend playlist!

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