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Photo by Steve Cross
Photo by Steve Cross

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Tim Eveleigh – ‘In Kilnsea’

Tim Eveleigh is a musician based in Croydon. His latest single ‘In Kilnsea’ is a Folk-Pop song, that needs to be heard.

Firstly, a gorgeously strummed acoustic guitar opens the release. Secondly, Tim Eveleigh’s soulful vocals enter and gracefully guide the single along. The lyrics tell a story and compel the listener. This is a big part of Eveleigh’s charm; he has the ability to convey emotions to the listener effortlessly. 

The mix, master and production of ‘In Kilnsea’ allows the song to shine in the light in which it was written. The lyrics shine at the forefront of the mix. We adore the gentle band sound which evolves in layers throughout the piece. It adds the perfect accompaniment to this soulful single. There is also a gorgeous video which accompanies the release. It is filled with a calm vision of sky, sea and clouds. Calming and graceful, the visuals complement the audio superbly. 

Tim Eveleigh Talks

Eveleigh says about the release, “I went to Kilnsea in Oct 2018 & wrote this song in early 2020. I arrived in a supermarket delivery van, with my food for the week in the back of the van, having been given a lift by the driver while on my way from the bus stop in Easington. I have become resigned to the fact that I now live in a sitcom of my life.”

Citing his influences as Andy Thornton, Trombone Poetry, Polly Paulusma, and Duke Special, Tim Eveleigh is an individual artist. ‘In Kilnsea’ is a beautiful single that we recommend you listen to this weekend. 

‘In Kilnsea’ was officially released on 9th June 2020. It is available to stream from the link below. Check it out today!

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