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Tinderbox Orchestra are back! ‘Talking About Birds’ is their latest release and the follow up to their 2017 debut album.

Released on 25th August 2019, ‘Talking About Birds’ is an orchestral revolution! Scotlands leading young musicians have teamed up with an avant-garde Chinese Rock Star, Song Yuzhe. Yuzhe is best known for the acclaimed ensemble, Dawanggang.

‘Talking About Birds’ is an epic 16-minute journey in two incredible parts. The release features over 100 musicians and singers aged 12 to 80. Wow!

Part one of ‘Talking About Birds’ hears a lone solo cello from which a guitar emerges. Vocal harmonies fill the audio landscape and the song builds in luscious layers. The stoic vocals appear throughout and the rising strings add intrigue. There are heavy rock guitars set against the orchestra and Trumpets taking their turn to step into the spotlight. The main riff establishes its self and all of the instrumentation work on enforcing it. There is a solo violin and a screaming guitar solo which are melodic and beautiful. All of this resolves in a gentle fade.

Part two opens to a string arrangement. A flute, bass, and percussion appear too. There is a staccato rhythm which is a lovely juxtaposition to part one. The familiar rock feel pushes through and then a Tango feel emerges. There are layered vocals and solo string dancing around one another. Part two feels like a rock opera, big and imposing in its sound.

In truth, we can not remember the last time we heard music as wonderfully unique as the Tinderbox Orchestra. Together they unite different genres and make them fit together seamlessly. We are so in awe of the vision it takes to compose and arrange such an iconic piece of music. The harmonies, melodies, and solos are all astonishingly brilliant. This truly is music that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. Check out the release below!

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