Tracey Fever – ‘Dark Diarie’ EP – Prod. By Ihearabeat

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'Dark Diarie' EP
‘Dark Diarie’ EP

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Tracey Fever – ‘Dark Diarie’ EP – Prod. By Ihearabeat

‘Dark Diarie’ is the superb latest EP by Tracey Fever. The EP has been magnificently produced by Ihearabeat and is a must-hear release this summer. 

‘Everynight’ opens the release. It is instantly addictive and affecting. The low bass and layered vocals create an intriguing vibe that continues throughout. 

We adore ‘Foreigner’ Ft. Boonany, the trapp feel shines through. The lyrics flow effortlessly and stay with the listener long after the music has ended. ‘Rollercoaster’ opens to layered vocals before further phat vocals drop and the honest and affecting lyrics hit the audience. 

‘I’m So Sorry’ features samples in the beginning before the main vocals drop and the memorable melodies shine through. ‘Wraith’ Ft. Boonany closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more.

Throughout the EP, the classic lyrical content is underpinned by luscious instrumentation. We adored the mix production and master of the EP. It is rich and warm with crisp top end high hats and addictive beats. 


The duo say about the release, “Your past can either destroy you or define you.” This message comes through strongly on the release and connects the EP with its audience. 

Released officially on the 6th August 2020 by City Lights Entertainment, ‘Dark Diarie’ is available now. We firmly believe that Tracey Fever and Ihearabeat are onto a winner with this latest release. They have produced an EP that is timeless and is a classic in the making. 

So make sure you check out ‘Dark Diarie’ today. It is an exciting release, and we very much look forward to these two exquisite artists working together again in the future. Until then, Dark Diarie’ is available from the link below. 

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