Trey Connor – ‘Horizons’ Album Release June 2020

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FV Music Blog - Trey Connor - 'Horizons' Album Release June 2020
FV Music Blog – Trey Connor – ‘Horizons’ Album Release June 2020

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Trey Connor – ‘Horizons’

Hailing from Austin, TX, Trey Connor is an indie artist. His superb latest album, ‘Horizons’ is a must hear album this weekend.

There are so many melodic and catchy tracks on ‘Horizons’. We adored ‘Fear’ from the acoustic opening, the catchy nature of the song breaks through. ‘Lost In You’ is another compelling song. And the honest and relatable lyrics are destined to resonate with listeners. In addition, we love the layered instrumentation, which gives colour and texture within the piece. 

Furthermore, ‘Happy Town’ has a compelling groove from the get-go. The interesting backing instrumentation has been well arranged and is thoroughly compelling. Moreover, ‘Diamonds To Dust’ is a perfect acoustic song, layered vocals and stripped backing instrumentation lets the wonderful composition shine through. Connor’s voice is smooth and rich. Paired with the addictive melodies on ‘Horizons’, we are sure this album will be a hit. Above all, ‘Horizons’ will please existing Connor fans, while winning him an army of new ones too.

FV Music Blog - Trey Connor - 'Horizons' Album Release June 2020
FV Music Blog – Trey Connor – ‘Horizons’ Album Release June 2020

The Voice

After graduating high school, Connor was invited to attend Season 10 casting finals for ‘The Voice’. Despite filming and rehearsing at Universal Studios for an extended period, Trey never did appear on the show as teams filled up before he could perform his Blind Audition for the celebrity coaches.

After his experience with ‘The Voice’, Connor went on to release his solo debut single ‘Hold On’ (Nov. 2016), and related EP, ‘While Everything Is Now’ (Dec. 2016). He relocated to Austin, TX in 2018 and 2020 see’s the release of this magnificent album, ‘Horizons’.


Also, we were lucky enough to catch up with Connor for a full interview, check it out here. Connor is originally from a small town near Detroit/Flint, MI. He has established roots in rock music, and this comes through on ‘Horizons’. In Conclusion, Connor is an exciting talent, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

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