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Trillion cover‘When I Wake’ is the superb new release from the Australian band, Trillion. It falls into the shoegaze genre and is an addictive and enthralling listen from the beginning to the end.

The 6 track EP opens with the title track, ‘When I Wake’. It is a tune filled with lots of layers and textures which draws the listener in and holds their attention wonderfully. First, we hear a jingly guitar sound follow by rich drums and bass. The song changes pace and is guided along by the superb musicianship. 

We loved, ‘Slow Down’ for its slower pace and intelligent guitar work. The vocals are laden with luscious reverb which is enchanting and mesmerising in equal measures. We adored the guitar part which underpins the vocals as it provides the perfect accompaniment to the vocal melody. 

‘Circles Around Me’ hears guitars pinned to one side of the mix in the beginning. This is followed by the driving bass and drums and then another guitar enters to balance out the sound. We hear big vocal performances rising from a swirling and disorientating backdrop. Simply divine.

The fourth track, ‘Walk Away’ sees the bass shine through in its own right. It is not simply an accompaniment but leading the way at the forefront of the music. The song keeps pace with the melodic guitar driving chorus too. ‘Gone in Your Smile’ feels more like Indie Rock, it has a big guitar sound and a brilliantly played guitar solo which sets the track alight. 

One of our favourite songs on the EP is the final track, ‘Houhui’. It is an instrumental song with an oriental feel at the beginning. As the song evolves, the original melody is engulfed by the shoegaze feel. It emerges again later and both sides live in harmony with one another. This magnificent writing needs to be heard to be appreciated fully. 

A common theme throughout the EP is the interesting vocal techniques. There is a male and female vocal to be heard, singing in unison but in different octaves. Although mixed quite low in the overall mix, this clever presentation of the vocals has a big impact on the listener and it helps to balance out all of the instrumentation.

Released on WEATNU records, ‘When I Wake’ is an EP which left us wanting more. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such a unique and exciting band. The musicianship of Trillion is of the highest calibre.  We believe the weekend is the perfect time to discover new music. So make sure you kick start this beautiful Saturday with ‘When I Wake’, you will not be disappointed! 

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