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LilKev Loksmif

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LilKev Loksmif – ‘Magik’

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif is a musician and independent recording artist whose latest release ‘Magik’, is a must-hear single this Autumn 2020. It is a hip-hop track that needs to be heard!

A dynamic and ear-catching piano opens the release. It is dramatic and instantly draws the audience in. As the stoic beat drops, LilKev Loksmif’s vocals enter and immediately take control of the piece. 

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif’s vocals are masterful, and lyrically ‘Magik’ is a masterpiece. The lyrics flow from his tongue effortlessly, and this is testament to the skill and talent that he possesses. Lyrically, ‘Magik’ is relatable and this is a big part of Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif’s charm. He is able to connect with his audience. 

We adore the mix, production and master of ‘Magik’ too. There is a harmonious balance that is achieved in the instrumentation; everything has its own space in the mix. This paves the wave for LilKev Loksmif’s outstanding vocal performance to shine. 

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif says about the release, “‘Magik’ speaks to the inner warrior. Calling out to the survivors who still engage daily with their foes and woes. We are not meant to make it … we up … that’s Magik!”

Back Catalogue

In addition, Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif has a rich back catalogue of singles which he has been steadily releasing since 2019. After hearing ‘Magik’, we can not wait to check out his back catalogue too. 

We are so excited to have discovered Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif; he is an exciting talent who is going places in 2020. We eagerly anticipate what he will do next. ‘Magik’ has already amassed an impressive 26,000 streams on Spotify, always a good sign of a great artist. 

‘Magik’ is available to stream now from the link below. Check it out! 

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